We offer the following courses

Structured Problem Solving

This course teaches participants how to …

  • Define a problem
  • Scope issues related to the problem
  • Generate potential solutions
  • Analyze and select the best solution
  • Participants learn how to do this through the application of an efficient and effective problems solving method.
Thinking about Communication
  • If you want to get to “yes” efficiently and effectively, this course is exactly what you need.
  • Participants learn:
    • How to define and analyze an idea
    • How to successfully communicate and gain support for their initiatives
    • How to influence your audience
    • How to communicate with confidence
    • How to build rapport and connect to your audience
    • How to prepare your communication using whole brain tools
Leadership with your Brain in Mind
  • An innovative and engaging 1 day workshop/seminar
  • Learn how the brain works by looking at the latest neuroscience findings
  • Understand the implications of these insights and learn how to apply them to be a more effective leader
  • Discover tools, techniques and practices that lead to Leadership Mastery
The Soft Skills of Leadership
  • “Soft skills are the hardest skills to learn.”
  • Explore and learn the soft skills an effective leader requires
  • Embed these new skills through applying these skills in a safe learning environment
  • Soft skills explored include: understanding Personal Mastery, having a personal Leadership Point of View, how to learn effectively, emotional mastery, developing self awareness, critical thinking, dealing with a VUCA world, surviving politics in the organisation, stakeholder management, effective execution, and many other skills
Effective high-performing Teams
  • An innovative and engaging 2 day workshop
  • Learn how to mold a team into an integrated, collaborating and high-functioning team
  • Explore the tools and frameworks that enable shared understanding, commitment, and delivering world-class results
  • Understand the various team roles, how to build trust, how to build commitment to the purpose and how to empower the team – while have honest and robust conversations
  • Understand how high performing teams operate
  • Learn by practicing and applying the new tools
Innovation and Creativity Laboratory
  • An innovative and engaging 1 day workshop using live music to explore creativity
  • Understand the creative brain
  • Explore the creative process
  • Find the artist within
  • Explore the concept and process of innovation
  • Learn about creative tools and techniques
  • Learn how to apply your creativity
Essential Management Skills - an Introduction to Managing
  • Looking at teams through a systemic lens
  • Understanding team design and architecture
  • Selecting the appropriate talent for your team
  • Managing by defined outcomes – the performance contract
  • Developing people
  • Getting results
  • Effective Team communication