Our Approach


Have you ever asked yourself: “How can people be so clever and so dumb at the same time?” We have all met people who are very bright and capable in a given area or skill, but seem totally incapable of something much simpler. The “absent-minded genius” is a good example. Scientific theory is no problem for this Thinker but socializing at a party is. In business, you often find a strategic “big picture” specialist who never seems to notice details. How does this happen? Research on the brain has led to an understanding that each of us has a preferred way and mode of thinking that affects the way we take in and process information. The awareness of one’s own thinking preferences and the thinking preferences of others, combined with the ability to act outside of one’s preferred thinking preferences is known as “Whole Brain® Thinking.”

Assessments - HBDI Whole Brain Model and Thinking Preferences

The foundation for thinking agility, cognitive diversity, and innovative thinking. The HBDI® is a powerful psychometric assessment that defines and describes the way you think and process information. It gives you insight into why you value certain types of information over others. With that valuable knowledge about yourself, you can learn how to “flex” into other ways of thinking to adapt to others – how they think, what they value, how they communicate – so you can bridge the gap, quickly.

The HBDI® is built on Whole Brain® Thinking, a holistic and complete model for making all kinds of decisions.


Neumind provides consulting on all aspects of organisational life. With their rich experience in strategy, technology, organisational change and people development, Neumind could be used as a trusted voice to review and analyse challenges facing organisations, using tested tools and approaches to provide perspectives and insights.  Neumind is also available to undertake assignments and manage organisational interventions.

Motivational Speaking

Neumind is able to provide motivational speakers for events and organisational conferences. The motivational talks can be adjusted to fit into most organisational situations and circumstances. The nature of the motivational talks focus on life’s challenges, and uses inspirational examples where listeners are challenged to examine their own lives and motivated to make personal shifts.


Neumind creates facilitated workshops to suit specific needs by combining their available training, coaching, motivational speaking and consulting products and services.