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In a world dominated by productivity, pace and performance, we can often find ourselves feeling depleted and on the verge of burnout for the sake of the next big achievement. Maybe it’s our career that demands an unwavering commitment to ensure progress, or perhaps a new born baby that’s shifted the rest of the household into the orbit of their needs and patterns (don’t fret! This will come to pass!). For every chapter of life we are faced with the challenges of “Balance” – how can I do everything and still get out the other side alive? What happened to the things I used to think were important? Who is really in the driving seat here?


Balance is fundamental to living a fulfilled and meaningful life. We are so much more than just a job, or a role we play in somebody else’s life.


So why is balance so difficult?

The answer could lie in the fact that we cannot FULLY give ourselves to everything ALL the time.

We can only ever do what we can do. Sounds so simple, right?


Different things will need to take priority as the ebbs and flows of life wash up  around us. Managing this fluid nature of shifting priorities, and the many complexities of life can be challenging, and even overwhelming. One of the strongest tools in anybody’s arsenal would have to be an informed perspective. What would this look like to somebody I really admire and aspire to be like? What am I not seeing here?

Some find that close friends or family are perfect for accountability and perspective, while others have found life coaches especially helpful in navigating the ever changing waters of a balanced life. Wherever you find yourself, make sure it isn’t alone. Balance is a few great conversations away.

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